The story of Veto

Commercial Councillor Arvo Oksanen, an avid sauna bather, discovered that wood burning sauna stoves could apply the same techniques as boilers. Oksanen developed a stove that featured an afterburner and a humidifier. The afterburner (double fireplace) would help recover heat created by burning wood more efficiently. Later on, the company developed an electric version of the heater.

Old Veto wood burning stove - Our story

The story of Veto wood burning sauna stove. It was the late 1940s. Arvo Oksanen from Helsinki had founded a small company as a side business by the name of Lämmitysneuvonta (Heating consultation). During nights he would provide consultation to housing cooperatives on how to recover heat more efficiently from large boilers heating the apartment buildings. He was intrigued by combustion technology, a subject that is still topical today. Arvo Oksanen had an idea to achieve improved combustion heat recovery. Back then, boilers featured afterburners for improved heating. Arvo Oksanen came up with the idea of applying the same technique to wood burning sauna stoves. Veto stoves were the first ones on the market to feature an afterburner.

Up to 1940s, sauna stoves were mainly heat storage types. Preparing the sauna with this type of stove takes longer. Veto stoves were always designed to allow continuous heating for a smoother bathing experience.

Prototypes of the first Veto wood burning stoves were tested in the late 40s. Muko Oy, the company founded by Arvo Oksanen, began manufacturing wood burning stoves in the early 1950s with a subcontractor. The production and sales have been ongoing since then.

While the product has seen development during its 67-year history, the basic design of the stove has remained the same. Among other innovations, Veto stoves were the first ones on the market to feature a glass door. The novelty was an optional feature along with the traditional solid door. Today, the glass door is a standard feature of Veto sauna stoves. In fact, the glass door is the most typically featured door type on the market.

The humidifier was another significant invention featured in the wood burning Veto stove. The original blueprints featured an afterburner located in the back of the stove, leaving an unnecessary lid on it. Arvo Oksanen came up with the idea of installing a shallow sink on top of the afterburner. This is among the hottest areas of the heater due to the smoke ducts running below the sink, making the water in the sink boil rapidly. The invention was significant in that it produced a more humid bath, a feature which was welcomed by many. Bathers preferring drier heat could skip adding water into the sink.


Veto wood burning sauna stove - Our story - Old brochure from 60s

The afterburner and the humidifier were both innovative and significant inventions. The wood burning Veto stove gathered interest and attention in the industry, also internationally. The product received several international acknowledgements, including a prize in the International Eureka Contest – Brussels Innova. In 2003, the wood burning Veto stove was featured in the Finnish magazine Tekniikan Maailma in wood burning stove comparison (10B/03) receiving the best overall score, including the best score in the following categories: installation, temperature constancy, steam power and wood consumption.

Veto stoves have been installed in numerous saunas in Finland and abroad. Our sauna stoves have also been delivered to public saunas, people of note, heads of states, members of state councils, hotels and spas.

Veto wood burning stove has many happy, loyal customers. Some of our customers have used the same Veto stove for 30 to 50 years before replacing it with a new one. They return to us because they know Veto stoves last for generations.





Old model of Veto electric sauna heater - Our story

The story of Veto electric sauna heater. Muko Oy began designing an electric sauna heater in the 60s. The electric heater Elektro entered serial production in 1966. In addition to featuring a brand new structure and design, the key feature of Arvo Oksanen’s new electric heater was an integrated humidifier. The invention was one of its kind. It didn’t take long for the comfort of the humid bath to win over the consumers. Arvo Oksanen was granted patents and awards for his inventions in Finland and abroad.

The humidifier provided a solution to a problem that was symptomatic of electric saunas: dry heat. This was because sauna bathers had got used to traditional, wood burning saunas where the washing area and sauna were typically located in the same space. In this configuration, the sauna had offered much more humid heat. As electric sauna heaters and integrated saunas in apartments became prevalent in Finland, bathers found sauna bathing to be dryer than before. Arvo Oksanen’s humidifier helped make the sauna bathing experience more humid and pleasant.

In the 60s, the electric heaters designed for household saunas were typically box-shaped, wall-mounted models. Arvo Oksanen sought to design the Veto electric heater a completely unique design to stand apart from the competition. The electric heater featured a cylindrical design with legs. The design was not only pleasing to the eye; it also required less space. The Veto electric heater also required less rocks, making it an energy-efficient model for household use.





Old Veto electric heater - Our story - Old brochure from 60s

Veto electric heaters began to gain popularity abroad in the late 60s. In fact, they were so popular that the product’s marketing was mainly focused abroad. Muko Oy had previous experience in the agriculture machinery export business, making the sales work a smooth transition. Germany was one of the main export destinations of Veto heaters, and the popularity of the brand has not waned.

The Veto electric heater’s design is based on efficient air circulation. The design enables free airflow from the bottom to the top of the unit. The heater features an open structure, enabling cold air to rise from the bottom of the heater all the way to the roof with no rocks impeding the airflow. Open, efficient airflow has always been at the core of the efficiency of Veto electric heaters.

Upon its introduction, the Veto electric heater was the only stainless steel electric heater on the market. The company has never wavered in its approach to materials and quality standards; the heaters are still completely made of stainless steel in Finland.

The Veto electric heater has also participated in numerous comparisons throughout its history, and would surely hold its own even in current tests. The heater received the top score of five stars in an electric sauna heater test by Tekniikan Maailma (TM 12/1982) thanks to its structure, heating speed and stable heating properties. In another comparison published by the same magazine in 2000 (TM 1/2000), the Veto electric heater received praise for the same features. In the subsequent year, the Veto electric heater placed in the top two of the magazine’s sauna heater comparison (TM 1/2001), once again receiving praise for its power and quality design. The following is a quote from the review: “Veto Elektro is considered by many the Rolls-Royce of electric heaters. Its high-quality build has remained unchanged for decades, and continues to perform at an “adequate” level at the very least.”


Veto mini sauna - Our story - Old brochure from 80s

The story of the mini sauna. In the 1980s, Arvo Oksanen came up with the idea of building smaller saunas for smaller apartments so that everyone would be able to enjoy the comfort of a sauna. He developed a completely innovative product: the first mini sauna on the market.

Muko’s mini sauna could fit into a space of 1 x 1 m. The product was a complete package that did not require a building permit. The small sauna heater, a 2.1 KW luminous flux heater, was powered by a 10 A grounded mains socket.

The mini sauna was originally designed for the highly lucrative North American markets. However, the product had to pass very strict American product testing, during which the mini sauna was classified as “dangerous” according to their strict standards. Back then, there were considerable prejudices related to saunas abroad. The concept of sauna bathing was not well-known, nor was the practice popular in the United States. In the end, the mini sauna was not permitted to enter the market.

Muko Oy’s mini saunas were sold in Finland for two decades with several competing mini saunas entering the market subsequently. Today, mini saunas are a standard part of a sauna manufacturer’s product catalogue.

The story of Muko Oy

Founded by Arvo Oksanen in 1952, Muko Oy has manufactured agricultural machines, imported agricultural machine parts and gardening equipment, and manufactured Veto sauna stoves and heaters.

Veto-kiuas - Muko Oy - Arvo Oksanen Muko Oy is a Helsinki-based family company founded in 1952 by Commercial Councillor Arvo Oksanen (1908-1992). Arvo Oksanen founded his first company, Lämmitysneuvonta Ky, in the 1940s, consulting housing cooperatives on heating-related matters. The company’s office was originally located in Ruusulankatu. Muokkauskone Oy was established in 1952, after which the companies were consolidated under the abbreviated name Muko Oy. As the business operations expanded, Muko Oy commissioned larger facilities in Konala, Helsinki.

During the first decades, Muko Oy was primarily focused on manufacturing agricultural machines. In the early 50s, Finland was in dire need of domestic agricultural machines. This coincided with the expiration of war reparation deliveries to Russia, which meant that the metal industry had a surplus of production capacity. The circumstances paved way to the idea of manufacturing agricultural machines in Finland by outsourcing the manufacturing of machine parts to several subcontractors with the final assembly taking place in one facility.

Arvo Oksanen was among the first in Finland to develop and adopt the approach of utilising subcontractors in manufacturing. The approach was a novelty, and initially Oksanen understandably faced questions regarding Muko’s ability to manufacture machines without its own factory. In North America, the practice was already an established one, but its arrival in Finland was fairly gradual. Back then, manufacturers made their products entirely independently in their own factories.


Veto-kiuas - Our story - Muko Oy - Urho Kekkonen

Muko Oy specialised in agricultural machines, such as cultivators, harrows with rollers, harvesters and potato harvesters. Arvo Oksanen developed more practical versions of existing agricultural machines, applied for patents and began manufacturing more efficient machines for agricultural applications. Muko Oy’s innovations provided considerable aid for Finnish farms from the 1950s to 1980s, facilitating and speeding up the everyday work.

Muko Oy has always observed the industry’s development abroad. The company found transmission axles manufactured by the German company, Walterscheid, and began importing the products with exclusive rights in 1955. There were no similar products on the market at the time.


Awarded Veto-kiuas - Muko Oy

Other products imported by Muko Oy include, for example, Walterscheid hydraulic pipe connectors, gardening equipment by the American Bolens, hub axles by the Italian ADR, and agricultural machine components by Rasspe.

Veto sauna stoves and heaters have been manufactured by Muko Oy since the beginning of 1950s. The prototype of the wood burning Veto stove was designed in 1949, entering production in 1952. The design process of the electric Veto heater began in the early 1960s with production beginning in 1966. The electric sauna heater was a natural step in the evolution of sauna technology. Muko Oy introduced revolutionary innovations to both types of sauna heaters: Arvo Oksanen designed an afterburner and a humidifier for the wood burning model, while the electric model featured a humidifier and a unique structure. All Veto stoves and heaters have always been made in Finland.

During his career, Commercial Councillor Oksanen received dozens of certificates and diplomas for products showcased in various invention expos, including inventions related to agricultural machines and sauna heaters. Among other acknowledgments, Oksanen received a medallion from the Belgian Chamber of Inventors. Oksanen has also been granted several patents in Finland and abroad.


Veto heaters have been manufactured in Finland for over 65 years with high-quality craftsmanship and expertise. The unique innovations combined to high-quality craftsmanship guarantee an exquisite bathing experience.

Veto-kiuas - Our story - Made in Finland

Veto sauna heaters were born out of genuine interest towards the Finnish sauna and the pursuit of innovations. The vision was to build a sauna heater with premium materials. A heater for the most demanding sauna bathers. We believe we have realised this vision.

A complete, healthy sauna bathing experience is based on the quality of the heat. True sauna bathers know that the key to a quality bathing experience is the sauna heater. “How was the heat?” is a common question uttered among sauna bathers. The optimal sauna conditions depend on efficient ventilation, hygiene, materials and the heat source, or the heater.

Veto heaters are made of carefully selected materials that are resistant to heat and long-term use. Materials selected with expertise and experience spanning over 60 years are among the secrets behind our durable products. In many cases, our customers have used the same Veto heater for 30 to 50 years before replacing it with a new one. How many other modern products can claim such longevity?

The Veto electric heater is made of stainless steel, which is the only durable material against corrosion caused by temperature changes, water and impurities. The heater’s heating elements are extremely durable and resistant to wear and tear.

The wood burning Veto heater features better, and in some areas thicker, materials that actually would be necessary. The material choices contribute to the durability and longevity of our products.

Each manufacturing stage is subject to careful inspections. The heaters feature several details, such as folds and panels, that are not visible, but are proof of the quality of the products. The materials go through quality assurance checks before our products are delivered.

We believe in the profitability of domestic production. We employ Finnish workers, we know all of our workers, and we are able to carefully monitor the manufacturing process, making it easier for us to react to any changes. Finnish know-how and expertise form an essential part of the philosophy behind Veto heaters.


Our wood burning sauna stoves and electric sauna heaters have environmentally friendly, energy-saving features.

Veto-kiuas - Environment The tall fireplace and the afterburner form a unique dual fireplace system. The stove’s design helps save around 30% in wood consumption, enabling the sauna to be bath-ready in less than 30 minutes with one load. The wood burning Veto stoves feature an overall efficiency ratio of over 70% (VTT 2013), ranking among the top in the market.

Small particle emissions caused by burning wood is reduced with cleaner burning. Other factors contributing to cleaner burning include using dry wood and ensuring that the wood is properly lit. The stove’s unique double fireplace design is particularly efficient in reducing particle emissions and wood consumption. The measured carbon monoxide emissions of the wood burning Veto stove is 0.26% (VTT 2013), which indicates a good performance level.


Veto-kiuas - Environment

The higher the temperature of the flue gases entering the duct, the less efficient the heating is. With the wood burning Veto stove, the temperature of the flue gases entering the duct is under 400 °C, which indicates a good performance level. Thanks to the unique design of the Veto stoves, the smoke travels a longer distance within the heater, providing improved heat storage within the stove while heating the sauna more efficiently.

The wood burning Veto stove can be equipped with a water tank, providing hot water while heating up the stove.

The energy consumption of the electric heater depends on the amount of bathers, sauna room insulation, surface materials and the sauna temperature. Over half of the energy consumption is created by warming up the sauna. The electric Veto heater has an open design which allows for quicker heating. Thanks to its open design, the heater requires a fairly small amount of rocks (20 kg). A smaller amount of rocks takes less time and energy to heat up.




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Laske löylyhuoneen kuutiotilavuus m3 (leveys x syvyys x korkeus).

Jos seinämateriaali on puuta, peruslähtökohtana on, että yhden kuutiometrin (m3) lämmittämiseen tarvitaan 1 kW tehoa.

Jos osa seinistä on lisäksi eristämätöntä seinäpintaa (kuten lasia, kiveä, tiiltä, betonia, lasitiiltä, kaakelia tai eristämätöntä hirttä) lisää saamaasi lukuun +1 jokaista eristämätöntä seinä- tai ikkunapinta-alan neliötä kohden. Huom. kuitenkin mitä enemmän eristämätöntä pinta-alaa on, lisätään lisäkuutioita suhteessa vähemmän. Eristämätön seinäpinta hidastaa saunan lämpiämistä ja vaatii kiukaalta enemmän tehoa. 

Vertaa saamaasi yhteislukua kiukaan tehotaulukkoon ja valitse oikean tehoinen kiuas. 

Apua oikean tehoisen kiukaan valintaan saa asiakaspalvelustamme p.0207 300 630 tai